Logistics Solutions

Retail Distribution

Supply Chain of all the products is crucial for rapid consumption and end-user. In this sector, even a single detail to be missed may result in being shop shelves empty or reaching the stores unacceptable levels. So Murat Logistics prevents shop shelves from being empty or reaching the stores unacceptable levels by using cross planning method to be developed for this sector. Suppliers are using the developed cross-planning system instead of directly delivering goods to the store. Murat Logistics benefits from the system and economic advantages to be provided by the organization.

Partial Distribution

With qualified staff, modern information technologies and distribution support, Murat Logistic manages the flow of customer’s products between the desired point and the dealer, chain market, wholesaler, or final consumer in Turkey. Murat Logistics, not looking for any volume or weight criteria in the legal framework, always shares information and delivery reports with its customers about every stage of product distribution.

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