Message of the Executive Board

Every day we start a new life with more faith and powerful energy.

Every morning we prepare for a new travel with our all staff and provide perfect services to the four corners of the country. Without exhaustion, without regarding to distance, we take the road without producing excuses. Because, for three generations, we experience of the pride and happiness of carrying freshness.

If you are serving in the logistics sector, you must take importance of time, quality and trust. You must meet all the essentials such as providing institutional support and service quality, and technological opportunities. All of these essentials must be provided if you want to success. As a company our primary role is to service perfectly to the small and big companies from the date we started. And we are carefully working to fulfill our required duties. It is tiring but joyous effort. Because we love our work. Therefore we overcome all the obstacles we meet such as heavy cargo or long ways. Because not only we carry cargo but also labour, product, need, happiness of the people that we serve. This is life’s itself.

We are trying to create permanent values. We wish to go the most remote sites of Turkey, yo serve our people there, to write our name on beneficial works for our country and nation. We are aware of that the success that is earned without producing, tiring, labouring and sharing is will be temporary. That is why we share our labour and success with our friends, staff and shareholders.

Our friends and staff never give up us and share our goals and dreams, they support and help us. Therefore they play a big role in our success. as long as we are in cooperation, we can overcome all the obstacles and come a long way.

Since the first day we entered this sector, we advance in business life with confident, responsibility and respect. We built our institutional vision on these important concepts, especially confident. Because we know our customers, who delivered their most precious cargos to us have chosen us for so many years and the underlying reason of this is our ultimate attention. Today, with 1300 vehicles and approximately 1400 employees, we are glad that we are big and powerful brand that sheds light on the future of the industry.


Murat Logistics

The Chairman of the Executive Board

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