Our History

Murat Logistics is one of the most established firms in Turkey and has carried its cargo for 60 years.

Murat Logistics was founded in 1959 by Ali Kemal Yüksel. The adventure of the logistic sector, which started with truck loading, evacuation and in-city cargo transportation, has turned into inter -city transportation with trucks, pickups and motor vehicles with the love and support of the second generation .

The company moved its center to Istanbul in 1991 for a major breakthrough and renovation. Institutional structure became stronger gradually in these years. Following this process, the third generation of the family started to work in the company and got their place in the future of Murat Logistics.

Murat Logistics, until the end of 2002, carried out complete and partial transportation and distribution of the nondurable consumer goods produced by the companies located in Istanbul across Turkey. In the same period, with the experience gaining in Sirkeci, it changed the business center of office shipment to fleet management in garage and office environment.

2002 is the year that the company begun to the distribution of national chain stores. Murat Logistics, as of this year entered the Turkey market with trucks, vans, trailers, tow cars and treys that have air conditioning, refrigerated cased, elevators

Murat Logistics, which continues to grow every day, is managed by representatives of the second and third generations of the family today. With self-owned refrigerated truck, wrecker, and trailer fleet Murathan Logistics, the leading company in distrubition of the meat and its products, milk and its products, bakery products and traditional foods, transport the products to national chain stores and wholesale markets for fresh fruits and vegetables in compliance with regulation related to new market law.

  • E-mail : mail@muratlojistik.com.tr
  • Tel : 0216 342 78 78
  • Fax : 0216 495 36 36
  • Turgut Ozal Avenue Quant Plaza B Block No: 154 F: 5 Umraniye / ISTANBUL