Our Quality Policy

Murat Logistics works to foresee and meet customer needs and increase customer loyalty. It provides services in accordance with the standards of Quality Management System. It shows attention to the health of public and people.

It fulfills the requirements about cleaning and hygiene; works with the people who have sense of responsibility and have knowlegde and experience about quality standarts. It allows them increase their training level. It supports personal development individually and institutionally. It always develops the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

It works in unity in order to maintain and increase its reliable brand perception of its customers.


  • E-mail : mail@muratlojistik.com.tr
  • Tel : 0216 342 78 78
  • Fax : 0216 495 36 36
  • Turgut Ozal Avenue Quant Plaza B Block No: 154 F: 5 Umraniye / ISTANBUL