Our Fleet

Retail Transportation

With our fleet consisting of 1300 vehichle with full equipped, we deliver the products weighted 9,435,500 kg by moving forward 240,200 km in a day and we provide secure logistic services all the corner of Turkey. With refrigerated truck haulages in our fleet which are manufactured between 1 m and 13.60 m and have powerful technological support, we carry special products that are required to have stable relative humidity rate and temperature level such as meat, milk, cheese, fish, chicken, ice cream, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables. At the same time, with the same length tilt truck trolleys; We provide many kinds of services such as transportation of dry food, pulses, furniture, glass, metal industry products, non-hazardous chemical substances (detergent), textile products, monopoly products, pallet transportation, rubber transportation and so on.

  • E-mail : mail@muratlojistik.com.tr
  • Tel : 0216 342 78 78
  • Fax : 0216 495 36 36
  • Turgut Ozal Avenue Quant Plaza B Block No: 154 F: 5 Umraniye / ISTANBUL

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