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Warehouse Management

Murat Lojistik first determines the location of the warehouse, then forms the design, ensures its construction, and prepares the system. The systematic tasks carried out include product acceptance and stock input, receival and analysis of shipment orders, issuance of consignment and invoice in the customer’s name, removal from inventory, and notifying the customer of the stock level with exclusively developed reports. During these procedures, special machines are used for packaging, handling, shrink packaging, and loading/unloading depending on the type of the goods. This system not only ensures the security of customer goods but also allows the opportunity to outsource to the customer.

Bu çalışmalarda paketleme, elleçleme, şirinkleme ve yükleme/boşaltmalar için ürünün türüne göre operasyona özel makineler kullanılır. Bu sistem ile müşteri ürünlerinin güvenliğini sağladığı gibi; müşteriye outsource etme imkanı da sağlanmış olur.

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