Our History

Murat Lojistik, which stands as one of the country’s longest-established companies, has been carrying Turkey’s load for 60 years.

Founded in 1959 by Ali Kemal Yüksel, Murat Lojistik stepped into the transportation business with the loading-unloading of trucks and cargo ships, local cargo transport, and warehouse management. To keep up with state-of-the-art and powerful technology that is rapidly changing in line with the development of the country’s economy and adopting the founder’s principles of respect for “people, the nature, and effort” as their doctrine, the family’s second generation built a modern and full-fledged company out of Murat Lojistik in intercity transportation with motor vehicles, trucks and pickup trucks.

Our esteemed torchbearer, Ali Kemal Yüksel, regretfully passed away in late 2002, leaving behind a priceless manifesto to his personnel, founding partners, and the family’s third generation: “To work very hard constantly and tirelessly to achieve success in order to benefit the country, our personnel and stakeholders, and above all, to be a good person.”

Founders Murat Yüksel and Hikmet Yüksel made a major breakthrough in 2002 and started distribution for national chain stores. That year was a turning point for Murat Lojistik as it entered the Turkish market with refrigerated and airconditioned, trucks, pickup trucks, trailers, and tow trucks featuring lifts, and increasingly reinforced its deserved position in the market with great devotion and discipline while expanding its fleet.

Her geçen gün büyümeye devam eden Murat Lojistik, özmal frigo kamyon, çekici ve treyler filosu ile et ve et ürünleri, süt ve süt ürünleri, unlu mamuller ve geleneksel gıda ürünleri dağıtımında Türkiye’nin lider firmalarının başında gelmektedir.

Achieving the same success in international transportation as of 2018, Murat Lojistik continues to grow as of 2020 with its powerful vehicle fleet and experienced staff.

We offer both our local and foreign customers “national and international land transport” services in Partial Transport, Complete Transport, Heavy Load Transport and Project Transport at only the highest standards with our expert staff, superior vehicle fleet and drivers with regional experience.

Our professional, high quality and seamless transportation solutions that can be monitored via state-of-the-art technological monitoring systems ensure unconditional customer satisfaction as a result of Murat Lojistik’s meticulous performance of international land operations for firms involved in import-export activity to Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and North African countries.

Kickstarting its international branching operations in early 2019, Murat Lojistik boosted its goals in efforts to make a difference in international transportation.

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