Murat Yüksel


Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

Executive Board Message

We see every day as a new chance to start life with greater faith and more powerful energy. Every morning, we get ready for a new journey together with our entire staff team and take on the responsibility of providing complete service to all corners of our country. We take to the road, tirelessly, without excuses, regardless of the distance with the pride and happiness of bringing freshness to your door for three generations.

If you are providing service to the logistics sector, you need to meet time requirements while providing quality and trust. Each one of these are essentials that must be met with corporate infrastructure and service quality as well as technology. We have taken it upon ourselves as a duty from day one to the present to provide immaculate service to all our customers regardless of their size. Hence, we work accordingly to fulfill all requirements to a tee. Though tiring, it is the most delightful effort, because we love what we do. Therefore, no load we carry is too heavy, no road we take is too long, no obstacle we overcome is too difficult. What we carry is more than load alone; we are carrying the hard work, productions, needs and happiness of the companies and individuals for whom we are providing our services.

We are continuously striving to produce permanent values. We are more than happy to go all the way to Turkey’s most distant points, take service to our people, and contribute to efforts that will benefit our country and nation. We are well aware that success achieved without producing, without getting tired or making effort, without breaking a sweat or sharing is far from being permanent. Hence, we share both our efforts and achievements with our friends, staff, and stakeholders.
Our friends and staff who have kept by our side, who have shared our goals and dreams, who have never hesitated to help and support us have a great share in our success. There is no obstacle we cannot overcome, no distance we cannot cover with the power of being one and standing united.

Sektöre girdiğimiz ilk günden bu yana güvenle, sorumlulukla, saygıyla yükseliyoruz. Kurumsal felsefemizi de başta güven olmak üzerine bu önemli kavramlar üzerine inşa ediyoruz. Çünkü, en değerli yüklerini bize teslim eden müşterilerimizin, bunca yıldır bizi tercih etmelerinin altında yatan yegane nedenin onlara gösterdiğimiz özen olduğunu biliyoruz. Bugün, 2000 araç ve 2500’e yakın çalışanımızla sektörün geleceğine ışık tutan büyük ve güçlü bir marka olduysak ne mutlu bize.

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